Does productivity feel like a dirty word

Rather than feeling good about getting shit done, at the end the day or week you just feel badly about yourself and your effort?

This is because productivity is designed for meet the needs of other people.

There's a better way.

I can teach you to align your daily actions with your big picture goals so you can create the life you want.

caricature of sandra, the community leader

Hi! I'm Sandra, our community leader.

I'm glad you're here.

I created Aligned Productivity because I wanted a balanced way to work that didn't burn me out or leave me feeling drained.

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Our Ongoing Experiement

How do you balance genuine self-care with getting shit done

Imagine if you could feel...

  • productive without hustling or feeling guilty about what didn't get done?
  • a clear sense of what was really on your plate?
  • confidence in setting a goal, breaking it down, and actually taking action?
  • less alone, because you had friends who would cheer you on and nerd out about their work, too?

We Believe

Humans are happier when they're creating.

Putting self-care first makes us more productive.

Working with friends is more fun and effective.

Humor is exceptionally important.

We've found that...

Creating your own permission to relax, and not hustle, when your to-do list keeps growing, takes intention and practice

Being intentional is 100x easier when we have friends on a similar journey with us!!!

That is why we exist, to make friends who share and support our progressive values, have a sense of humor, and still want to get shit done. 👊🏼

Basically, we care as much about our productivity as we do taking naps and going to the beach on a Thursday (or whatever brings you joy). 🥳

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Do you:

  • Never get to the end of your todo list?
  • Wish you had more clarity and confidence about what to focus on?
  • Want to feel calm around work & setting life goals?

That's why I created Aligned Productivity, a revolutionary productivity course based on my Clear, Calm & Confident Methodology™️ for implementing systems.

The Clear, Calm & Confident Methodology™️ 

It's the same approach I use to help large companies do hard things.

I've distilled down the process, because the principles are the same.

If you're tired of one-and-done, cookie cutter solutions, this is the course for you.

I can help you create a personalized approach to productivity that is designed uniquely to work for you.

👉🏻 You CAN improve how productive you feel, while letting go of burn out, hustle, and that tiresome inner critic.

We re-open in the doors in the early fall of 2022.

Joining Our Community

At the moment we're closed to new members. 💁🏻‍♀️

I know, bummer! 😫

But don't stress. We'd love to have you. 😁

We re-open in the doors in the early fall of 2022. 

We’re launching the rest of our new site soon.

In the mean time, we hope this quick synopsis of what we're about was helpful.

In case it was unclear how we feel about this...

Subvert the Patriarchy!

Take a nap. 😴