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Sandra Halling | Community Leader

I help rebel and highly sensitive entrepreneurs and professionals feel more productive, without the hustle or overwhelm that comes from traditional productivity.

Most of our community members are/have AuDHD, chronic health challenges, experienced significant grief events, or past trauma that impacts their ability (and desire) to work according to society's norms.

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For some reason or another, traditional productivity feels like a bad joke to you. 

You’re likely gifted, autistic, have ADHD or a chronic health challenge, or have experienced a significant (or recent) grief-inducing or traumatic event.

You don’t have to identify with those descriptions, but many of our members do.

I suspect that's because “being productive” is so ingrained in our culture as evidence of self worth that one's willingness to change their approach to how they work requires something notable.

Before you're ready throw your hands up (or a choice finger) at traditional productivity and planning advice - something significant usually happens. 

Sometimes that simply age, or more clear understanding of the harm caused in most work environments today.

We embody anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, anti-ableist - aka, feminist - values.

We believe you’re already worthy. Your to-do list - and what you check off on it - is irrelevant.

You don't have to DO or BE anything before you join us - we welcome you as you are.

Productivity feels like a dirty word

And yet, you have real tasks you want (and need) to do.

Despite your adversities - or maybe because of them - you live in the "real world," and you have "real shit" that needs to get done.

And unfortunately, what I hear from members is that "your brain just doesn’t work the way it used to."

Maybe it's getting to your 40s, or peri-menopause, or grief from life being what it is.

Life is complex and over busy for most of us in ways we cannot always change.

Maybe you burned yourself out at one point, and learned some hard lessons. Now you know you must prioritize self care, but that doesn't make it easy.

Maybe you're committed to running an anti-capitalist business, which essentially means not always doing more just because you can.

Regardless of how you came to where you are, you want a way of working (and balancing real life) that's sustainable so that you can have the impact you want despite any adversities you may be facing.

You care A LOT about your impact and that does NOT make this any easier. 

You're here for a reason...

  • You want to create a positive experience for others via your work in the world
  • You know what you're doing is literally changing lives
  • You care too much about your impact to just say “fuck it” and opt out

Your challenges sting more because you...

  • Experience a lot of self doubt from working in your own unique way
  • Feel very lonely, despite the business coach, mastermind, and well-meaning colleagues
  • Second guess yourself, because you know you're doing things differently (again!)
  • Feel discouraged and unmotivated because of all of the reasons above

You're TRYING to do the "right" things in the "right" order

But there's so much decision making figuring it all out - there's often not much left in your proverbial tank to actually get the real work done.

You're exhausted from figuring out exactly how you can working differently - but still get things done - AND having to figure new strategies out when the old ones don't work anymore.

It is endless.

Being neurodiverse or chronically ill in a neurotypical & able-bodied world is not easy.

It's life on hard mode.

Maybe you've tried everything...

And seriously doubt anything "new" will really work.

You might have explored tactics such as:
  • Doing your own Weekly Reviews
  • Setting up your own "focus blocks"
  • Adopting shiny new Productivity Apps
  • Time Blocking / Time Boxing / Calendaring
But you...
  • Never get very far with your attempts to work in a balanced way
  • Often feel doubtful you're really making progress on your goals
  • Are super introverted (but still verbally process 🙄 ) and highly skeptical more "people time" will support you

You may have even decided nothing will work for you. 😕

And, nonetheless, somehow you made your way here, despite your skepticism. 👏🏼

You’re a we bit curious if...

This time it could be different?

I’ve got good news... It can be VERY different.

Easy for me to say, I know! But it's true.

I built everything in Aligned Productivity because I needed it for myself .

I'm a rebel who's suffered multiple grief-inducing and traumatic events. Technically undiagnosed on the neurodivergent front but that's another story.

I joke that no one can tell me what to do...

—even when I want you to, want to listen, and want to do it. 😝

I have to manage my own demand resistance with very real deadlines and commitments to lovely, well-paying clients. It's taken years of experimentation to find my flow. But what I've discovered - as it turns out - often works well for other folks, too.

And better yet - I can help you experiment and adapt it - so you find something that does work for you.

caricature of sandra, the community leader

I am a certified assessment junkie!  I don't actually know that's a real thing but if it is, I should be one. 😂 

Learning about myself helped me tremendously on my journey - here's the scoop in case you "get it:"

CliftonStrengths: Competition · Context · Strategic · Individualization · Activator

Kolbe A: 6 · 7 · 4 · 4 (Explain, Systematize, Modify, Restore)

Fascinate Advantage: Passion + Innovation = Catalyst

Human Design: 1/3 MG + Emotional Authority

Astrology:  Leo ⬆️ · Virgo ☀️ · Capricorn 🌙

Sandra Halling

Community Leader &
Anti-hustle Productivity Coach

Hi, I’m Sandra, the founder and leader of Aligned Productivity.

I created this community because I realized I wasn't alone in my desire to find ways of working more sustainably.

After years of burning myself out on repeat meeting the demands of corporate consulting I decided that there had to be a better way.

I wanted an approach to work that would not perpetually put my own needs and well being at the bottom of the pile, and everyone else’s preferences at the top.

Because... fuck that.

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I refer to us as the 'Resistance' because we practice rest and sustainable work habits as forms of resistance.

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sandra halling as a caricature with her hand out to the left

Give me 2 min a day and I can help you feel more productive.

Yes, a daily email sounds like a lot, but I swear to you it is both easier for me to write and easier for you to digest.

Allowing yourself to be supported day to day is the first step, because what we teach is a day to day practice. 💖

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It’s easy to know working with Sandra will be productive, but I was surprised by how nourishing and heart-filling it was.

Working with Sandra is a great investment of time and money because you walk away not only with a
more developed productivity system and a solid review of the past and plan for the future, but also a deeper self-awareness and access to a community of like-minded people.

Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Relationship & Sex Coach

You hold the space like no other coach I have ever experienced.

Your ability to
address each participant in a style and approach that you knew would work best for them while providing value to the rest of the group is really something amazing. I learn from watching you.

Maghan Haggerty

CliftonStrengths Coach

Last week was my first week doing planning with you. It was TRANSFORMATIONAL.

It was the first time in over a year where I didn't feel crazy overwhelmed. I was the same level of “productive” but more mentally "free" and that mental freedom led to several breakthrough ideas for my life & business.

I can see how, applied consistently over time, this will have huge benefits for my productivity and mental health.

Amanda Dahler

CEO, Outspoke Design

Feel More Productive Every Day

Sandra really wants to be on Futurama

Sandra Halling | Queen Bee

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Your needs are unique, and traditional productivity puts you in an unhelpful box. That leads to shame and decreased effectiveness.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Give me two minutes a day and I’ll help you reduce your stress and look forward to Mondays.

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